Pastoral da Saúde distributes hygiene kits to IMP patients

Instituto Mário Penna has partners who enhance the work of our philanthropic and humanized work. The Pastoral da Saúde, led by President José Maurício Resende, is a great example of this. On July 16, during an action in partnership with the Humanization team, they gave a show of solidarity, distributing 100 hygiene kits to patients.

“Despite the pandemic and the care it requires, we don’t forget the patients here. We’ve been working for 35 years helping those in need and somehow we had to do something at that time. This delivery to do good is very rewarding”; emphasizes José Maurício.

Pastoral da Saúde is a great supporter of Instituto Mário Penna and is always present, offering assistance to those who need it when facing cancer, which is our specialty.

Study by IMP professionals on efficiency in cancer treatment wins international publication

Studies related to cancer treatment always contribute to the prevention and search for a cure for the disease. Here at Instituto Mário Penna we have qualified professionals who favor the emergence of new treatments for cancer patients. Physicist Jony Marques and radioconologist Dr. Arnoldo Mafra, both from the IMP, were part of an important research for the treatment of cancer, which obtained an international publication.

This research aims to develop and characterize a platform for in vitro cell irradiation. “For the treatment of cancer, there are numerous proposals for new drugs to increase the efficiency of the combined treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Before submitting patients to new treatments, they are initially tested on human cancer cells in studies called in vitro”; clarifies Jony Marques.

Those responsible for the study explain that as it is an in vitro study, it presents some problems, such as the fact that the cells do not receive a uniform dose of radiation, with typical uncertainties in the order of 25% or more. As all biological phenomena are dependent on the radiation dose received by the cells, large uncertainties in the dose values cause a loss of correlation between the dose variable and the effects caused, generating false or not fully understood results.

“Thus, the innovative proposal of this work brings the design of an acrylic platform, irradiated with clinical brachytherapy (the same that treats the gynecological patients of the IMP) and which reduces typical uncertainties of 25% in the dose value to something between 2 and 7 %, still proposing a correction factor to accurately obtain the radiation dose received by the cells”; explain.


August is the month to fight Lymphoma

August is Combat Lymphoma Month and many people know little or nothing about it. Therefore, the Mário Penna Institute supports the campaign and contributes to clarifying the disease in its media. Lymphomas are cancers that originate in the lymphatic system, a network of vessels and ganglia in our body responsible for storing the body’s defense cells.

Pedro Las Casas, a hematologist at the Instituto Mário Penna, explains that the disease arises when lymphocytes mutate and start to multiply in an uncontrolled manner, mainly inside the ganglia, causing them to increase in size. He points out that it is even possible that this proliferation occurs in other organs unrelated to the lymphatic system, such as the skin, lungs and nervous system.

“Lymphomas are divided into two types: Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s. Within these two groups it is possible to further divide them into several subtypes, each with completely different clinical characteristics and treatments. But only through the biopsy of the lesions is it possible to differentiate them”; account Dr. Pedro.

In general, the main symptoms of lymphomas are palpable and hardened nodes in the neck and armpits, which are usually painless and progressively growing. There are, however, other diseases that can lead to enlarged nodes, such as infections. Therefore, it is essential to seek a doctor for differential diagnosis if the nodes are progressively enlarged, are persistent or if they are accompanied by other symptoms such as persistent tiredness, daily fever, heavy sweating at night and weight loss.

The specialist also warns that for the diagnosis specific tests are needed, such as a biopsy of the ganglion or an organ suspected of being affected, blood tests and PET, a type of tomography that helps to identify the location of the lesions.

Dr. Pedro explains that the treatment of lymphomas varies according to the patient, the type of lymphoma and the degree of the disease. She points out that treatments are carried out through chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy. “Unfortunately there is no form of prevention. When discovered at an early stage, the chances of cure or control are high. Therefore, it is important to always seek medical attention when symptoms are noticed”.

September Yellow IMP warns of suicide prevention with “Every life matters” campaign

Yellow September is dedicated to suicide prevention. About 12 thousand suicides are registered every year in Brazil and more than 1 million worldwide. The Instituto Mário Penna’s campaign has as its theme: Listen. Chat. Help. Every life matters.

“In the last year, after the start of the Covid pandemic, due to the fear of the new and isolation, the losses in all areas and the deaths experienced, the number of mental illnesses increased and, consequently, the number of self-extermination attempts. Aware of this context, we thought of a campaign aimed at the eyes of our employees: an empathetic, non-judgmental and humanized look, where we will try to guide on how to identify risk and prevention factors, inform how to help a colleague or even a family member, where to seek help and engage everyone in this cause to reduce psychological distress and the suicide rate”; explains Gizelle Mesquita, Coordinator of Humanization and Hospital Psychology.



Intense sadness for several days

Lack of interest and future plans

Social isolation

Emotional fatigue, stress and anxiety levels

Previous attempts and family history of suicide

Warnings like “Life is not worth it”, “I’m so alone I want to die” or “You’ll miss me”


  • Find an appropriate time and a quiet place to talk with this person.
  • Let her know you’re there to listen, listen with an open mind, and offer your support.
  • Encourage the person to seek help from mental health professionals. Offer to accompany her to an appointment.
  • If you think this person is in immediate danger, don’t leave them alone.
  • Be on the alert to monitor how the person is doing and maintain risky behavior.

During the month, several actions will be carried out by the Humanization sector. The program includes lectures, awareness blitz and live with experts. Every Friday of the month we will have “Yellow Day” and all employees must come dressed in yellow in support of the campaign. Do you work in uniform? No problem! Put on a prop and get creative! The important thing is to embrace the campaign and contribute, in some way, to help those who really need it.

IMP is the first philanthropic hospital in Brazil to have high-tech sterilization equipment

Instituto Mário Penna reaches another important milestone in providing quality care to its patients. Last week, the STERRAD 100NX AllClear equipment was used by the Material and Sterilization Center (CME) team. It is a high-tech device for the sterilization of surgical materials and IMP is the only SUS provider in Brazil that has it.

Mariangela Moreira do Nascimento, Nursing Supervisor at the CME, explains that the STERRAD 100NX AllClear is a device that performs sterilization at low temperature with hydrogen peroxide plasma gas, in a safe way, without leaving toxic residues. “The arrival of the equipment will enable some improvements to the CME, such as a reduction in sterilization time, quality assurance, patient safety through the traceability of the processing of health products.”

The CEO of Instituto Mário Penna, Marco Antônio Viana Leite, congratulated the CME team, which has been implementing constant improvements. “Being a philanthropic hospital and being at the forefront of this technology is very rewarding. I just have to thank and congratulate those involved. Bringing these new projects is extremely important for the institution”; stands out.

Mariangela also said that, although Mário Penna already has several equipment for cleaning and sterilizing materials, the arrival of the new STERRAD 100NX AllClear machine will add to the STERRAD NX AllClear. This will provide even greater reliability in sterilization, as the information from the equipment will be transferred to the traceability system, where the entire step-by-step processing of hospital material will be filed.

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