Instituto Mário Penna pays tribute to FIEMG in gratitude for the partnership in the construction of beds in Covid

Instituto Mário Penna is very proud of its partners and makes a point of recognizing who is present in its mission, helping with the treatment of patients and contributing to the institution’s structural and technological improvements. At this time of pandemic, the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (FIEMG) spared no effort so that the institution could expand cancer care to also serve patients affected by Covid-19. To register this gratitude, a plaque was placed in the Espaço Benfeitoria Mário Penna – a wall with homage to donors and contributors who are part of the institution’s 50-year history.

This Monday, June 14, the president of FIEMG, Flávio Roscoe, was at Instituto Mário Penna to monitor the insertion of the plaque and the inauguration of the new CTI Covid facilities at Hospital Luxemburgo. In 2020, FIEMG donated R$ 4 million, which were invested in activating the José Rodrigo Machado Zica wing, at Hospital Mario Penna. This year, there were another R$ 866 thousand in CTI equipment.

Currently, the Instituto Mário Penna has 300 beds in total, 29 in the ICU and 60 in the infirmary. With this new FIEMG partnership, also involving other donors, it was possible to implement 9 more ICU beds and 20 in the infirmary.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the productive sector has been working to help mitigate its impacts on society. We understand that it was necessary to support the state’s health units, as we knew that there was not the necessary number of beds for the treatment of patients”, said Flávio Roscoe, president of FIEMG, thanking, on behalf of the entire industrial sector, the honor received. .

Also present and honored for supporting the Mário Penna Institute, Diego Andrade, Federal Deputy, Leader of the PSD National Bank, Majority Leader in the Federal Chamber and Active Member of the Parliamentary Front for Combating Cancer; Ciro Pereira, Councilor and President of the International Affairs Committee of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte; Laila Katina, Superintendent of Union Relations at FIEMG and Felipe Mota, Consul of Mexico.

Councilor Ciro Pereira thanked the opportunity to unite the two initiatives that made the beds viable. “When I looked for President Flávio Roscoe, he was ready to provide more structure to confront Covid, in which Mário Penna is the protagonist in the capital”. The councilor also spoke of the perspective of the Chamber approving amendments to the budgets to councilors and that he has already assumed that part of it will be allocated to the Institute.

“This partnership with FIEMG brings us even closer to society and our responsibilities as a philanthropic institution. We were only able to become one of the largest patient care hospitals with Covid because we had this important support. It is a very important moment in the history of Instituto Mário Penna and we just have to thank you for your trust and support in our work”; highlights Marco Antônio Viana Leite, CEO of Instituto Mário Penna.

ALMG allocates R$ 5 million from Vale’s repair agreement to Instituto Mário Penna

The Mário Penna Institute will receive R$ 5 million in funding from the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), resulting from the State’s agreement with Vale to repair damages resulting from the rupture of the Brumadinho dam. The announcement was made on the afternoon of Friday, August 13, at a ceremony in the plenary, under the command of the President of the House, Deputy Agostinho Patrus.

Marco Antônio Viana Leite speaks at ALMG

The CEO of Instituto Mário Penna, Marco Antônio Viana Leite, was present at the event and, during his speech, highlighted the importance of this resource. “We are a philanthropic institution and we need donations to serve our patients with quality and in a humane way. More than 260 thousand people visit our institution each year, coming from all corners of Minas Gerais. We serve more than 600 municipalities that refer their residents for cancer treatment at the Institute, including the cities affected by the Brumadinho disaster.
It is important to highlight that, after the dam collapsed, analyzes point to an increase in the records of cancer patients in these locations as a result of exposure to water contaminated by heavy metals. Therefore, this resource will be of great value at this time for the purchase of medicines and to provide improvements in patient care”.

Classified by the Ministry of Health as a High Complexity Oncology Care Center (CACON), in 2020 the Mário Penna Institute also carried out 272 thousand radiotherapy applications, 34 thousand chemotherapy sessions, 55 bone marrow transplants and almost 11 thousand surgeries. In addition, it is at the forefront in the fight against Covid-19 and, for this, infirmary beds and other new ICU beds were created, aimed at treating patients with the disease.

The donation – The donation made by ALMG totals R$ 84.5 million and covers social assistance programs, health institutions and support for the production process of the vaccine against Covid-19. In addition to the CEO of Instituto Mário Penna, Marco Antônio Viana Leite, representatives of other benefited entities also attended the ceremony such as the dean of UFMG, professor Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida, representatives of the Rede Cuidar Program, the Bolsa Reciclagem Program, of the Hospital da Baleia and the Intersectorial Committee for Monitoring and Monitoring the State Policy for the Homeless Population (PopRua-MG).

Visit to the Senate guarantees investments for the Mário Penna Institute

Visit to the Senate guarantees investments for the Mário Penna Institute

Instituto Mário Penna is very proud of its partners and, as a Philanthropic Institution, it establishes fundamental cooperation with the Government to offer the best treatment to patients and achieve structural and technological improvements.
Yesterday in Brasília, the CEO of Instituto Mário Penna, Marco Antônio Viana Leite, received confirmation of investments via parliamentary amendments. The amount of R$4 million was confirmed in a visit to the President of the Congress, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco and by Senator Alexandre da Silveira.
In conversation with the parliamentarians, the manager presented the strategic recovery plan that has been executed since he took over the entity in 2019, overcoming major challenges and overcomes in this trajectory. The performance has been strongly based on the institutional strategic objectives in force, which are focused on assistance and economic-financial recovery, on the increase in production and hospital revenue, and on the renegotiation of outstanding debts – bank and with suppliers.
The senators showed recognition for the work Mário Penna, which completed 50 years in June 2021, being a true heritage of Minas Gerais and a reference in cancer care in the state. They were promptly sensitized to the demands presented for renovations and investment in new equipment. “Count on me and Senator Rodrigo Pacheco. The funding is being released to reinforce the service, especially for SUS users throughout the state who are served in Mário Penna”, said Senator Alexandre da Silveira, promising to return the visit soon, to closely monitor the application of resources.

Instituto Galo makes donations to Mário Penna

On July 9, Instituto Galo and Auto Truck delivered 450 sweaters, 1,000 socks and 300 double blankets to Instituto Mário Penna. The action is part of the “Donate Protection” campaign, which aimed to collect cold items for the institution’s patients.

Marco Antônio Viana Leite, President of Instituto Mário Penna, received the delivery during a visit to the institute by the president of Clube Atlético Mineiro, Sérgio Coelho, the president of Instituto Galo, Maria Alice Melo Coelho, the CEO, Thiago Camargo and the former player Reinaldo.

They got to know the Mário Penna Memorial, recently launched in the 50th anniversary of Mário Penna, telling the history of the institution through the walls of the Hospital Luxemburgo. Then, they went to Espaço Benfeitoria, where they received plaques in honor of the important partnership.

Photo: Bruno Souza/Atlético

Along with the team’s mascot, Crazy Cock, the delegation circulated through the hospital’s facilities, talking to collaborators and chemotherapy patients.

“This partnership is extremely important for Mário Penna. We receive patients from all over Minas Gerais. And in this very cold moment, being able to donate warm clothes to those who come from so far away, it’s wonderful. It’s a comfort, a caress in a difficult time of treatment that makes all the difference. I have to thank Atlético Mineiro and Instituto Galo for their support that will provide us with a more welcoming and warm service to patients”; reinforces Marco Antônio Viana Leite.

Instituto Galo is a non-profit association, linked to Clube Atlético Mineiro, dedicated to transforming people’s lives through the love of Galo.

Swiss investor bank representative visits IMP premises

Instituto Mário Penna is very proud of its history and of those who support this beautiful mission that for 50 years has been dedicated to saving lives. On October 19, an important partner was received at the institution by the Presidency and Board of Directors.

Karla Pimentel, Executive Director of the Swiss bank Arzan Suisse, visited the facilities of the Luxembourg Hospital and also visited the 50th Anniversary Memorial of the Instituto Mário Penna.

“Arzan Suisse is an investment bank headquartered in Dubai. They have a philanthropic work that they do with women, children and in the health field. When they learned about the history of the Mário Penna Institute, they soon became interested in getting to know it. We are very grateful to receive such an important visit. Arzan Suisse has had a very special affection for the Institute, which is extremely important to us”; highlights Israel Gonzaga, Administrative Director of Instituto Mário Penna.

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